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Verb Crush - Meet Kira

Verb Crush - Meet Kira

You've read about the salons that inspire us, the stylists we love and we're excited to keep sharing those but today is all about the launch of our "Verb Crush" series. Our newest series will feature real people that inspire us, the girls & guys doing cool things all while having great hair. We're putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable with y'all, meet our first crush, Kira, one of the faces of our new Dry Shampoo Light & Dark campaign. 

Meet Brooklyn based model, social media manager & artist, Kira Shipway

"I’ve always had a really strong drive to get out and explore as much of the world as possible. That’s what brought me to New York."


 photograph by Kayce Sebree

We met up with Kira in her dreamy Williamsburg, Brooklyn loft to get to know her, talk all things beauty, and to see how the new Dry Shampoo Light fits into her busy lifestyle. 

kira shipway

"I’m a double cancer, which basically means I cry a lot. But my rising is in Virgo, thank god." 

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Tell us about yourself:

I grew up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. It’s know for attracting a high profile Summer crowd (Obamas and Clintons included) but my experience growing up there was very humble. My mother is an immigrant from Canada— she’s a very creative and independent person. She essentially raised me on waitressing tips and slam poetry. My father was an Olympic sailor for the U.S. Virgin Islands ‘94 team. He teaches sailing lessons in the warmer months and does construction throughout the winter. Growing up an only child (my little brother was born when I was 11) with separated parents and particularly a mother with narcolepsy, has taught me to handle shit on my own. As much as I love my home, I’ve always had a really strong drive to get out and explore as much of the world as possible. That’s what brought me to New York.

How did you get started modeling?

My friends and I were all creative little dorks growing up. I’m into painting, and most of my friends were into photography, so I just ended up being in a lot of their projects. My first professional job was for a friend and local MV jewelry designer Nettie Kent. The look book is all these images of me at the local fair and dancing in a flower field. It makes me really happy to think about because it reminds me where I came from.
I was self-represented all throughout college (I got my BFA from NYU) and only about a year ago signed with Next Model Management in LA. 
nyt crossword

What's your morning routine?

I wish I could say I have a morning routine, but I’m just not that organized. If I’m not rushing to work, I’ll make myself an Americano with almond milk and do the NYTimes crossword or listen to the Daily podcast. 
My beauty aesthetic?
Less is less.

Do you have a daily beauty routine?

My mom always said “wash your face like you wash your teeth, every morning and every night.” I try to keep my routine as simple as possible, both because I’m lazy and I think that’s what is best for your skin. I rarely wear makeup during the day unless I’m going to meetings or events, and if I have time before a shoot I love a morning face mask. 
verb dry shampoo light

I’m huge supporter of Dry Shampoo. I only like to wash my hair every 2-3 days, so the Verb Dry Shampoo is truly my best friend. My boyfriend also likes to steal it! 


What are your other beauty must-haves?

Recently, I discovered this charcoal multi-use makeup remover, cleanser & mask that I will probably keep buying until I die. It’s called Morihata Binchotan and I found at my friend’s shop Coming Soon. Other must haves are really just the essentials— a good moisturizer, a strong sunscreen, and lip balm.
kira model nyc
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Any exciting modeling anecdotes?

A few years ago I met Ryan McGinely, and got to work with him on this insane project for a private client. They flew us out to the desert in Palm Springs, and had us climb up all the tallest trees and boulders we could find. I’m talking 20-story building high. We were in all these $10,000 rental dresses— I ripped one climbing through a swampy marsh... It was a surreal experience, risking my life trying to get the shot, but I’m truly honored to be a part of it. Unfortunately, since the work was for a pirate client, I never got to see the images... but you can bet I’ll never forget it! 

When you're not working how do you spend your day?

I’m a water baby, so my perfect day off would be a beach picnic, swimming, napping in the sun, and then going out to dinner with friends. 
Of course, those days are rare in NYC, so I’ll often visit a museum or gallery stroll in Chelsea, run errands, go to the movies, paint etc. I value my alone time and usually prefer solitary activities because it gives me time to reflect and re-charge. 
photo by kayce sebree

Watch Kira, show you how Dry Shampoo Light fits into her busy schedule. 

dry shampoo for blondes

Dry Shampoo Light is tinted light purple to brighten blondes and counteract brassy hues while cleansing hair.

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