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Verb Crush - Meet Fariha

Verb Crush - Meet Fariha

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You've read about the salons that inspire us, the stylists we love and we're excited to keep sharing those but today is all about the launch of our "Verb Crush" series. Our newest series will feature real people that inspire us, the girls & guys doing cool things all while having great hair. We're putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable with y'all, meet our crush, Fariha, one of the faces of our new Dry Shampoo Light & Dark campaign. 

Meet Brooklyn based writer, artist & all around cool girl, Fariha Róisín

"I think the hustle is what got me here (to this point in my career)... it's been a long road of really working my ass off. "


 photograph by Kayce Sebree

We met up with Fariha in her #goals apartment in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to get to know her, talk all things beauty, and to see how the new Dry Shampoo Dark fits into her busy lifestyle as a freelance writer. 


"I'm a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon and Rising (kill me) I'm from Sydney, Australia by way of Ontario, Canada and now live in Brooklyn.  

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How did you get started as a writer?

I got started really young, just on my own... but my career started to make moves after I got a junior critic internship with IndieWire in 2012. That same year I started a podcast about race with a friend, called Two Brown Girls. Afterwards I began to understand that so much about being successful in writing was just to write as much as you can, even if no-one is reading it, because it's important to hone the craft. People aren't going to make space for you, you have to create a space for yourself. It sounds cliché, but it's true. No one used to read me back then. It was devastating, but steadily I started to get a readership... and that's been really important and vital for me as a creative. It means a lot that people connect with my work.

What book are you currently reading?

I just finished Freshwater by my friend Akwaeke Emezi, and am now reading Sour Hearts by my other friend Jenny Zhang. Such different but incredible writers!

What's your morning routine?

I wake up and usually take a poop! It's the most wonderful gift to give yourself. To sit with yourself and your dreams, and just poop. I have a squatty potty, so you know, I'm invested. Next I wash my face with Grown Alchemist Créme Cleanser. Then I migrate to the kitchen and take a probiotic, juice (and then drink) some celery juice, take a teaspoon of black cumin and drink hot lemon water. This altogether takes about twenty minutes. Afterwards I meditate, and then I make myself my morning coffee. I usually have that with macademia milk, tocos powder and a teaspoon of coconut oil. I enjoy that as I work though my emails. 
My beauty aesthetic? Au naturale. I love nudes and a good glow!
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Do you have a daily beauty routine?

I usually wash my face with Grown Alchemist's Creme Cleaner in the morning, then a vitamin C serum of my choice, and I finish off with rose hip oil. At night, I like using Indie Lee's Rosehip cleanser and then I'll probably use Good Genes and top off everything with Everyday Oil (body and face) it's just the most darling oil.  
verb dry shampoo dark review

I love how easy the Dry Shampoo Dark is, it's still light, but it changes the chemistry of my hair completely when I use it. It gives the volume I love, and the look I crave! 

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What are your other beauty must-haves?

I really like oils, I love rose hip, I love vitamin E, avocado... I think investing in a good Vitamin C/Hyaluronic Acid has been an important investment, I was using this organic Vitamin C made from strawberries and Paula's Choice before that. Also, ones by SkinCeuticals are the best! Sidenote: my friend Tanwi Nandini Islam also makes these killer lipsticks (and perfumes) for her label, Hi Wildflower and Dianthus is my dream lipstick color! 
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Best beauty tip you've ever gotten?

My dad told me to never dry my face with my (body) towel. I don't know why it's always stuck with me—I think it's pretty good advice, just let your face have its own separate eco system.

When you're not working how do you spend your day?

I like languidly reading, sprawled over the couch. These days I've had to enforce not working on weekends, otherwise I never have a break. I love (and wait) for Apartamento the two times it comes out each year. Though, I wish they had more POCs in their pages, we're doing some dope shit out here! But looking through magazines, whilst listening to music, is such a wonderful reprieve from my everyday life. 

Watch Fariha, show you how Dry Shampoo Dark fits into her busy schedule. 

dry shampoo for brunettes

Dry Shampoo Dark is tinted and designed to disappear in dark tones while cleansing hair.

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