Verb Crush - Meet Kira

Read the first installment of our new “Verb Crush” series! Our crushes feature real people that inspire us, the girls & guys doing cool things all while having great hair. We're putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable with y'all, meet our first crush, Kira. 

How To: Balance Hair Care and a Busy Schedule

Hi y'all, Angie here - local verb social media intern - nice to meet you. Check out a few tips on how I keep up my hair routine on a busy college schedule, specifically focusing on balancing the gym, my meals, and my classes, all of which are tied to my hair routine!

Salons We Love: Los Pastel

Verb started out of a salon and we know that if it wasn't for our biggest and hardest working fans - stylists, we wouldn't be where we are today. In this edition of  “Salons We Love,” we are highlighting another one of the amazing salons that carry Verb: Los Pastel.

Verb Goes Digital in 2018!

In 2018 Verb is committing to going digital -  We'll be doing our part by limiting paper use and creating more video, social and digital assets to share with y'all in 2018 - watch the video to see how that might look.